Abortion to Do or Not to Do, What’s Your Thought on It?

The subject of abortion in most countries is considered at the least controversial. There are those who are proponents of the right of choice, and many who are pro-morality and would have absolutely no relationships with abortion, which they consider a sacrilege and a murderous act. However, abortions can be occasioned by a couple of reasons but chief among them would include;

  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Health complications arising from the pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancies

World over, the practice of unprotected and unplanned sex, as much as campaigns for the use of contraceptives such as condoms are in place, is still in practice. Apart from the transmission of venereal diseases such as aids, the most significant risk associated with unprotected sex is unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. Do you need to check for info about abortion here? Yes, keep reading….

  • Soliciting for abortion, especially by young girls, is not uncommon especially in developing countries. In the formative stages, the use of abortion-inducing pills is very common. If the pregnancy develops past the first three months, it is not uncommon to find surgeries performed to remove the pregnancy.

Health complications arising from the pregnancy.

Sometimes, it is imperative that the developing baby is removed in order to save the mother. This reason has been used to justify abortion in many countries, especially where it is undertaken within the law and by qualified medical practitioners.

  • In instances where the developing bay places the mother’s life at imminent risk, as is in the case of surgical procedures that involve the reproductive system, or development of extremely high blood pressure levels due to the abnormal blood movement, undertaking an abortion can be justifiable.


Complications from pregnancy related issues are not uncommon. While the choice between saving the baby or the mother in such situations can prove questionable under normal moral grounds, proponents of the idea say that the mother is of more importance alive than dead since she would be probably give birth to more babies in future

The subject of abortion is multi-faceted. The reasons not to and the reasons for abortion are wide-ranging and sometimes unsatisfactory. However, the whole subject of abortion and its prohibitions boils down to individual countries and their respective laws. To check for info about abortion here, visit our site regularly.

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